Project Support

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Project Support

SV Infotech’s training division not only focuses on providing training to students, professional and corporate employees of various technical and business areas, but also has a well dedicated team readily available to carry out project support activities. With a well established i-lab infrastructure providing 24/7 system support and applications to our trainees, we use the infrastructure also to help people to work on project, both live and demo ones’. These on-hand projects help trainees to master the finer details of the technology and ensure after transition of the trainees to the real-world development environment.

Our dedicated team of trainers and content developers work on constantly designing new project scopes that match the current industry needs, thus helping students and professionals to get a real-time experience on the subject.

Our project support service offers:

Academic Projects: Custom designed for graduates and under-graduates, these project are conceptualized and customized based on the student’s area of interest. Our training support team, interacts and involves with the students from the design phase to the final project presentation phase helping students to excel at each stage ensuring complete success of the projects.

Practice Projects: These Are custom designed projects for students as well as profession focused on acquiring new skill-set’s. Though the training in any mode online or class room prepares the student to understand the high-level flow of the technology, Practice Projects gives them a hands-on feel of the actual business requirements. These projects are designed by the content design team in collaboration with the trainers as well as industry experts so that the projects are upto the mark and most relevant for the current market trends.